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Night Photography on the Atlanta Beltline

I've wanted to get better at photography since I got my first DSLR three years ago.  I've told myself I would take classes, practice, and just work on it day by day.  I'm constantly taking photos, but I still don't feel like I've truly made the effort to improve. Having a professional photographer friend really does help, and recently we decided to try our hand at some night photography in my neighborhood.  He showed me the ropes a bit, and we both took some pretty amazing photos while hanging out with our cameras and tripods on the Beltline late one Sunday night.  Here are a few shots we both took from similar angles:

Paris on Ponce


Bridge overlooking Ponce De Leon Avenue


I had to add a few more of my favorites, all of similar parts of the Beltline, just taken from a different perspective.  The light you get in night photography [no flashes here] is unbeatable.  I particularly loved the traveling lights as we watched the cars zipping by on Ponce.  It's so fascinating to see how the light bends, and how the camera is able to capture its movement. I feel like both our perspectives really evoke what it feels like to live in Atlanta.  It really is a beautiful city, especially through the right camera lens.