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Pets are what make my house a home

If you've ever met me, been to my house, viewed my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you'll quickly realize how much I love my pets.  I love them in a weird way; they're treated more like children in my family rather than as dogs and cats.  Spoiled rotten, they are! For me, there are few things greater in life than being able to rescue an animal from a bad situation.  One of them came from the Humane Society, another was saved from a high kill shelter, and a couple came from a breeder who was being shut down due to the horrifying conditions she kept her animals in. That was a particularly hard moment for me.  But here we are, almost six years later and I have four of the best pets in town, who are loved and appreciated every single moment of their lives.  That being said, they're photographed constantly, and while sorting through photos recently, I realized that they do an excellent job of showcasing the fabrics and textures in my home!


I've said before that I furnished my house based on the pets.  [Note to self: DO NOT buy a white sofa.  It's bad for a whole slew of reasons!] This photo is one of my all time favorites, other than the fact that Maggie is notably missing.  But the light was just so perfect and this is so telling of the way my pets get along.  They love to snuggle. 

Watson loves anything soft, and he loves to roll around on this FLOR rug in my showroom. 

Jake on the other hand, is a big fan of any throws or blankets I have.  He's really partial to this Indian Kantha quilt [shown above and below].  He knows he's adorable and he has zero shame. 

I leave my door open at night, so I have all sorts of animals who like to come and greet me [it's a real treat to have a heavy breathing cat two inches from your face at 3am. Not creepy at all].  But Watson has always been the tried and true bedmate. [he is the baby, after all] He's learned to keep to his own side of the bed [yet another one who consistently has no concept of personal space], and he makes my indigo bed quilt extra lovely. 

Kona spends inordinate amounts of time in the kitchen, mostly because she likes to be as close to the action as possible [the 'action' being food] and also because she loves my colorful Indian rug [it's one of my favorite things too!].  She's the original baby of the family, and is treated as such. She was my guard dog when I first moved to Atlanta, and is the most loyal of my four.

And boy, does she know how to work the camera when she needs to! [FYI- if chicken or peanut butter is involved, she's at the top of her game!]

Maggie is the hardest to photograph, because she loves to hide in little nooks and secret places all around the house.  I discovered one such spot was my basket of remnant fabric.  A client of mine was the first to notice her in it one day and found it so charming.  Maggie's a great salesperson.  She also loves to sit and meditate in the same two spots, one being the swivel chair in my living room.  She purses her paws together in an inconceivably adorable fashion.  My heart melts every time. 

I feel like this was one of those baby posts you tend to see on many bloggers' sites.  Everyone thinks their children are the cutest, and I'm absolutely that way when it comes to my pets.  One day when I have kids, I'm sure I'll take 75 thousand photos of them and gush about them too, but for now, these four make my home the warm and inviting place it is.