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Red, White and Blue [but mostly blue] Dresser: Vintage Details

I guess the title of this post is a bit deceiving.  There actually is no red dresser in this post [but there are some hints of red in the background!], but it is Memorial Day after all, and I did just happen to paint a white dresser blue... 

A friend of mine posted this dresser on Facebook a while back, and the second I saw it, I knew it was special.  It's not everyday I see so many unique details on one piece.  Anything with key holes [and that actually comes with a key!] is automatically a winner in my book, but this piece came with so much more.  

The unique, oval shaped ring pulls are beautiful, and the sweet touches of flowers and bows on the smaller drawers and the top panel really complete the look.  Although I love the look of weathered white pieces like this, all these details seemed a bit lost.  That's when I decided I needed to choose a color that would bring out these vintage details and the beautiful worn look.


I decided to use my go to Aubusson Blue with a distressed paint finish. I love using dark wax with this color, because it creates this wonderful mottled look, that's varied but subtle. I brought out the bow details with Amy Howard's Dust of Ages, which creates a truly aged look.  I sanded out some of the details to allow the white to highlight some of the edges that would have naturally worn, and helps remind me of what was originally there.

The brass hardware really pops now and the combination gives this piece a nautical feel. The hardware up against the blue actually reminds me of the lapel pins on a navy uniform.  The before and after of this piece has become one of my favorites.  This dresser was so unique to begin with, and now it will give any space its in a sense of history and age.  Check it out in the shop or on Craigslist! [and Happy Memorial Day!]