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Late Spring Color Inspiration: Atlanta Botanical Garden

Nature is the original inspiration for art and design.  It's filled with so many intricate and beautiful shapes, patterns, textures, and colors. There's a reason why impressionists spend all their days out in a field or in a garden. Although I'd love to get out into the countryside or at the foothills of a mountain to see nature working her magic, it's far easier to swing by the Atlanta Botanical Garden on a whim.  When I'm in a creative rut, the garden is the perfect place to stimulate my mind and senses. It helps me think about color and design from a different perspective [no more staring at paint chips and catalogs!]. 

This particular trip, I was very much focused on color.  I snapped photos not necessarily of flowers I found the most beautiful, but of the deep, rich tones and subtle hues that caught my eye.  My favorite find of the day was a flower called, 'Twilite' or 'False Indigo' [read more about it here].  It's funny how colors can evoke different emotions, and there was something so inherently calming about this flower and its violet hue.  The next time you're thinking about choosing a new wall color, or hunting for some new piece of decor for your home, spend sometime outdoors and see what inspires you.