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Throwback Thursday: Before & After Bedroom Transformation

How can something be a 'throwback' if it's also a 'before and after'?  It's assumed that 'after' implies the present, but this isn't necessarily the case.  A 'throwback' is something that happened long ago, or at least far enough back that things have changed significantly: we look older, have different hair styles, dress differently. The same can be said for our homes, especially the home of a compulsive designer such as myself.  Here are some photos of my original bedroom [pre-renovations] from about 5 years ago, alongside my guest room [post-renovations] from about a year ago. Because I'm a person who thrives on change, this guest room has continued to evolve over the last year [just not as significantly]. 


Everyone loves a good before and after shot, and the change here is pretty dramatic! Although I didn't hate my old bedroom and its style, the funky, bright colors in the 'after' are far more my style at present, or at least the style I would use for a guest room. I love using bold colors in an occasional space, but I wouldn't go as intense in say, my own bedroom.  I have my limits! 

When I bought the house nearly six years ago, the walls were a robin's egg blue color [it used to be a baby's room I think?] and the roman blinds were a brown, blue and white floral motif, hence my color palette. One of my favorite designers, Sarah Richardson, used that exact floral fabric in a room she designed once, so I felt obligated to keep it, even though traditional florals aren't really in my wheelhouse. 

As a master bedroom though, the cool, soft tones worked. I loved having one of my favorite prints [the stars glow in the dark- yes, I'm 10..] featured in the space. It was one of the few pops of color in the room.

Even the way I started to hang art evolved.  I used to try and have everything look symmetrical and perfect and 'match'. Now I love juxtaposing different colors, textures, and frames.

I love seeing the evolution of a home, and if you've befriended me long enough, I'm sure you've witnessed the changes in mine first hand.  Or you can always check out my site and get a glimpse of the transformation here!


So naturally, when I had the chance, I went for something bold [it's not everyday you see avocado green walls, folks!].

One of my favorite dressers also made an appearance in both rooms [I love furniture that can work in any setting!], but it has since moved onto greener pastures [aka: I sold it] along with a few other pieces in this room, since remember, I love change!


It was also amusing to see some of my earrings on this little tree. I've lost almost one half of every pair.  [Note to self: Don't buy earrings unless they can be strategically affixed to my ears!]


PS- I had to include a nod to one of my favorite retro chipmunk paintings.  I'm pretty sure I bought it for a whopping $4 bucks!