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Spring Colors: Duck Egg Blue Desk

I found this desk the other week on Craigslist, and immediately saw it in one of two colors, Old White or Duck Egg Blue from Annie Sloan.  Certain pieces of furniture just lend themselves to a specific color palette.  This desk was so feminine and sweet with its cabriolet legs and curves in the desk apron and sides, it had to be painted in an equally delicate hue.


The desk was an orangey wood tone color, and was in great shape, but a bit boring.  It's not an antique, but it's well made and solid wood, so painting it made the most sense.  Had it been an antique in such good shape, I likely would have just sanded and stained it to something not in the orange family. The color palette I envisioned stemmed from the Charlotte collection from Pottery Barn [they no longer carry the blue, which is a crime because it's really beautiful].  I had always coveted a dresser from that collection, but it was out of my price range.

Photo on right taken from  Pottery Barn

Photo on right taken from Pottery Barn


Now that I've figured out how to master that same look, I can just create my own 'Charlotte' dresser! [oddly enough, I have a blue dresser in my bedroom now, but it's not quite the same...may be time for a change...]


For this piece, I did some light distressing, just along the legs and edges for a bit of highlighting.  It's something along the lines of 'shabby chic light'.  I really must come up with an alternative name to shabby chic!

I love desks that have a little more flair than a typical flat top surface.  It's always a nice touch to have small cubbies for placing letters [can we please reignite the concept of correspondence?!] and other small desk-worthy objects.

It's the perfect size to keep things tidy and organized, while giving a fair bit of work room. It's just over 20" deep, which I find to be just the right amount of space to spread things out. My previous desk was 30", which was great, but because of this, I had the tendency to over clutter it. 

I just placed the desk on Craigslist, and it will be in my shop shortly, but I know this will be such a sweet little addition to a girl's room or a nice hit of blue in an foyer, hallway or living room.  If I had space near my kitchen, it would look phenomenal alongside my light gray cabinets, black quartz countertops and marble subway backsplash.  But maybe it'll find a spot beside your kitchen... Happy Friday! :) -Jo