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Dressers aren't just for bedrooms: using a large dresser six ways

If you've ever been to my house more than once, you'd notice that things never seem to look the same.  I'm constantly moving around and repurposing furniture.  When I'm selling a piece, I always like to give clients tips on different ways to use their new purchase.  Furniture is an investment, and for me, I'm all for investing in something as long as I know I will: A- use it a lot or B- use it in different contexts. Here's a large dresser I have for sale right now:

She's not tiny, and sometimes larger pieces like this can be a harder sell because not everyone can envision a large piece of furniture in their home.  I also like to find things that are slimmer in scale, but sometimes you just need a good sized piece that can act as major place for storage.  With 10 drawers, this one definitely fits the bill. 

I painted this dresser using a combination of colors.  I hate wasting anything, and there's no reason not to try and create new colors using the last bits of paint from a can.  This beautiful blue-gray came from a combination of Amy Howard's Luxe Gray, plus a bit of Annie Sloan's Greek Blue and Graphite.  I can see this particular dresser working in so many contexts.

A dresser like this can easily be converted into a bathroom vanity, and adds such a warmth and history to what's normally a cold, sparse environment.  I also love seeing dressers used as a sideboard in a dining space.  [How awesome would it look in this Emily Henderson room against that wallpaper? Love.] They're perfect for storing serving pieces, napkins, placemats, you name it!

I've always wanted to design a kitchen where I use a long dresser as an island.  My blue-gray dresser would look amazing with a butcher block top!

Dressers make a great alternative to the traditional TV stand or entertainment center. You'll need unlimited storage for all your video games, dads, and all the other random wires that you can't figure out what they went to and just store in a drawer [wait, am I the only one who does that?] forever.

Traditional changing tables aren't a smart investment piece [unless you're having a litter of babies I suppose!], so use a piece of furniture that you'll later on get to repurpose as a dresser somewhere else [or even as the child's dresser when he or she gets older!

In a larger space or one with an open floor plan, dressers are great behind a sofa as a console table.  They again provide ample storage in a room that probably gets used the most, which is something everyone needs.

I'm looking forward to seeing how someone decides to use this dresser in their home.  If it ends up in a bedroom, that's great, but I secretly hope someone decides to use it in a more creative way this time! [Check it out in my shop or on Craigslist]