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Imaginary Worlds at the Atlanta Botanical Garden

Last fall I purchased season passes to the Atlanta Botanical Garden for my mom, since we share a love for nature and gardens [though we're still working on our green thumb!]. Last night I was able to attend the premiere for the garden's Imaginary Worlds exhibit.  Launched last year, Imaginary Worlds is an installation featured throughout the garden, showcasing the unique art of mosaiculture [learn more about this art form here].  

Gigantic sculptures using plants are really fascinating to see in person.  The 'Earth Goddess', the only sculpture which will now be a permanent fixture at the garden, is by far the most breathtaking.

If you only have a few minutes to spend at this truly special place, this sculpture is a can't miss.  But if you have time to mosey around the garden for a couple hours [preferably with wine in tow as we were fortunate to do at this premiere event!], I highly recommend trying to see all the sculptures.  They're all so unique and create this larger than life fantasy world, which is perfect for kids, but adults will appreciate the artistry and beauty of these sculptures.  Just in case you don't live in Atlanta [currently we're the only place in the US featuring this, but how amazing would it be to have living sculptures like these in gardens and parks all over?], here's a quick tour of the sculptures.