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Craigslist Finds: Classic & Timeless

I've been out of town, and my time back has been entirely spent working on restoring a mid century desk [that won't be for sale anytime soon, because I LOVE it so much!].  That doesn't mean I've stopped trolling the Craigslist pages for some good finds.  The last 24 hours have proved to be fruitful! Here are a few pieces I found that are classics, and would look unbelievable in any home, refinished or painted [or as is!]. 

Pair of Bernhardt campaign end tables, $80

Okay, so I already inquired about these! I'm sure they've already been spoken for, but I have such a soft spot for the brass details of any campaign furniture. If the wood is in good shape, I'd leave them as is, but they look unbelievable spray lacquered in white or any bold color. Love.

Midcentury Dresser, $100

I'm not entirely sure this is a true mid century piece, but either way, it appears to be made of solid wood and in great shape, it just needs some light sanding and staining! Great buy!

Vintage Drop down desk, $40

For $40, it's a great price point.  This is the one piece I'd likely paint, just because this shade of brown stain is a bit boring. But it's a good, sturdy piece and is great for small spaces and for hiding one's messy habits.

Leather Sofa, $200

It has some wear and tear, but that in itself can be a good look if styled correctly! This particular sofa looks nice and petite, and would work well in an apartment or any living space.  With my leather sofa, I can't imagine having anything else.  They're so comfortable and my dogs and cats can shed all they want!

Retro Cabinet, $25

$25!!! What?! I think this was traditionally used as a audio equipment cabinet, but it makes the perfect bar cabinet in my opinion! It has a great retro style [perfect for your Mad Men-esque curated bar] and looks great as is.  It probably has a few nicks and scratches, which can easily be sanded out and stained.  Go buy it NOW!

Mid Century / Retro Buffet and Hutch, $500

Okay, so it's pricey and I'd certainly ask for a lower price, but it's a great big piece that would be a beautiful focal point in a home.  I'm not entirely sure if this qualifies as mid century, but the quality looks really great, and it would make a great room divider in a loft space or apartment!

I hope you all take some time to find a few deals on Craigslist this weekend! Happy Friday! -Jo