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Mid Century Finds: Walnut Dresser

My love for all things mid century is pretty obvious these days, and I recently stumbled upon another find from my new favorite era.  I found this dresser at one of my go-to antique stores a couple weeks ago.  It's an American of Martinsville piece, a company known for producing high quality pieces since 1906. 


One important thing to keep in mind when searching for good quality vintage pieces is to make sure the wood or wood veneers are all in good shape, with minimal scratches. This piece only has a few veneer issues on the sides, but the parts that will be seen and used everyday are in impeccable shape. 

Another crucial piece to check for are functioning drawers.  There's nothing worse than discovering you purchased a dresser only to find the drawers don't work properly.  Things like that can be fixed, but can be a pain, depending on what the issue is. Always check every drawer before taking a piece home! This 8 drawer dresser works really well with the exception of one drawer that sticks a bit, but I've noticed it's already improving with use. 

Once you know if a piece is intact and functions properly, it's essential to decide if the furniture is worth the money you're investing.  Some people care about the specific company that makes a piece of furniture, but for me, what's most essential is that it's functional, aesthetically pleasing, and is a piece I know I'll love and use. These are the things that make a piece of furniture worth the investment.

I just put this baby up for sale yesterday, and I imagine it will go to a good home soon, but it has such great lines and a beautiful wood grain, I'd be perfectly content if it spent the rest of its pretty vintage days in my home. But just in case you'd like to check it out, go to my shop or Craigslist!