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Driving along the Northern California Coast

I don't know what caused me to stumble upon this batch of photos recently, but I love that I did.  A few years ago I drove from San Francisco to Carmel-by-the-Sea [with a short detour to Big Sur, among other beautiful places]. I was in a particularly photography crazed mood on this trip, so I took hundreds of photos while driving along the coast.  Breathtaking vistas like these are incredibly inspiring. Even on the cloudiest of days, there was something so mystical about this coastal landscape. My greatest challenge was trying to pick out my absolute favorites. It was so tough, I ended up including entirely too many photos in this post! Though there are quite a few, take time as you scroll through them, noting all the colors, textures, unique topography and beautiful plant life. In other news, I need a good excuse to go back to northern California, any takers?  Happy Friday! -Jo