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Shooting on Location: Furniture in a Field

Sometimes I get so used to painting and shooting furniture from my house, I forget that it can be so easy to get creative with the pieces I've done.  My good friend Jedd of Dark Stripe Media suggested we take some furniture out into a field for a photo shoot. Naturally, now I want to bring all my furniture out into a field!


We decided to take this white farmhouse style dresser, partially because I didn't have any great photos of it yet [just a few poorly lit iPhone shots!] but mostly because it just seemed like it would feel right at home in the countryside. What I didn't foresee was how beautifully it would tie in with a barn that was in the distance. The white I used [Old White by Annie Sloan] and the distressed paint technique just lends itself to the style of an old barn. 

I kept the styling very simple with just a jar filled with dried lavender and my vintage style  alarm clock. There's something about this vignette; the field, the old barn, the lone white dresser in a field, that feels as though time has stopped. 

The lavender has such an earthy texture [not to mention the scent is so inviting] and it's so effortlessly beautiful.

We really wanted to explore that barn [loves me an old barn!] but I'd had enough cuts from the brambles in the field, since I was clearly improperly dressed for this excursion! But I have a feeling we're going to make our way closer to the barn in a future shoot...

What's missing from these photos is the lovely sunset that was being a bit ornery. The exposure of the white barn and dresser wasn't working in conjunction with the sunset, and since the furniture is the focal point of this shoot, it took precedence over nature's daily light show. But I'd love to capture this vista with the sun sinking beyond the trees next time!

Although lugging furniture out into the countryside can be somewhat of a pain, I absolutely adore how these photos came out and would shoot here again at the drop of a hat. Although I like to think my furniture can speak for itself and doesn't need a beautiful backdrop [bragging much?], there's something about having the right piece in such a unique context that just takes things to an entirely new level. 

I'll be placing this dresser for sale on Craigslist and in my shop soon, so keep an eye out for it! It really is the perfect piece for bringing a bit of rustic countryside into your home.