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Ponce City Market Progress Part 2: Inside a Flat

Thanks to everyone who checked out the site yesterday- my PCM post was one of my most popular yet! It looks like it's not just me who is completely engrossed with the progress of this building.  Today I thought I'd share some of the interior spaces I explored.

This was taken from the third floor of PCM.  I'm standing in what will be the parking area for all residents of the flats [you do have to pay for a space, but the area is gated off and private, which is a bonus]. I love the expansive windows and how much light they let in even on a cloudy day. Not a bad view while you're parking the car, I'd say!

Normally when you go on the tour, you have the luxury of using the elevators, but they were being serviced the day we went, so our only option was to walk up the nine flights of stairs to the flats.  Not as bad a climb as you'd think, but it was a little too humid for my personal taste- some people actually had to leave the tour because of health reasons.  So when scheduling a tour, be sure to ask if the elevators are running  and mention any health issues you may have!

Once we got to the top, it was pretty exciting to see the transformation! We visited a two bedroom unit that was quite large [I think somewhere around 1200-1300sqft]. All the fixtures are really top notch [quartz countertops and good quality appliances are a nice touch!]. I really love the open shelving and the simple, clean lines of the kitchen. My pictures aren't the best because I was trying to avoid getting the other touring folk in my shots!

The view was pretty amazing, although the skyline is hidden somewhere in those clouds! Having an entire wall of windows is such a great feature and having built in blinds is even better! 

The living / dining area is rather large, and I love the raw original brick around the windows [apparently for this flat, the painters got a little overzealous and painted some of the brick, a travesty! But I was assured that this would never happen again.  [yes, I'm the brick preservation police, or the BPP as I like to call it]

The other bedroom didn't have lights, so my photos came out too blurry, but this one was well lit and lovely.  This room is big enough to fit a king size bed and it has a large walk in closet.  If you're paying a pretty penny for one of these flats, at least you're getting some nice perks!

The bathrooms are nice as well: subway tile throughout, more quartz countertops, and a good sized shower with a glass door.

Well friends, that brings us to the end of my most recent tour of Ponce City Market.  I'll share more photos as time goes on, but if you're curious enough, I HIGHLY recommend donning a sweet hard hat [I know, I make it look good!] and going on a tour yourself! You can inquire about it through Ponce City Market's main website, or through their Flats at PCM site. There's actually two different tours: the Flats tour focuses on the apartments themselves, while the tour booked directly through PCM is more about the history and future of the building and takes you into different areas. So do both tours if you can [and if you're weirdly obsessed like me!].