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Keeping things classic and neutral: French Linen Gray Dresser

I've been trying to ease up on my furniture painting a bit, mostly because the entire left side of my body seems to be betraying me [first a faulty arm and now a mildly rickety knee, sigh]. Painting and waxing furniture is really quite labor intensive! But since I'm leaving town for a friend's wedding in Indiana, I had to bite the bullet at get some painting done, since I'm losing a few days of work time, and weekends are my big day for furniture sales! 

I purchased this French Linen color from Annie Sloan a while back, but I still hadn't painted a large piece with it, so I thought I'd try things out with this simple dresser. 

I used a really smooth technique with it, and did just a bit of light distressing along the edges to bring up the original wood tones.  I think it's just enough subtle highlighting and has a nice, warm feel. 

I actually really like the hardware on this piece.  The pulls are quite weighty and sturdy.  The brass has aged nicely, but you can really see where the dresser was pulled at more frequently by how much the shiny brass peeks through, which I think is a nice touch.

I kept things simple with just clear wax, but I buffed this one a little more than I usually do. I liked how the sheen of the wax was looking against this taupe-gray [or greige? It's a thing!] and brought an extra bit of dimension to this really neutral piece.

This dresser is about as versatile as it gets. Gray works in any room and with every age range. I love using color 90% of the time, but it makes sense to have a few pieces like this that are flexible and can transcend different styles and eras of design. I'll have her posted in the shop and on Craigslist by the end of today, so check it out and schedule an appointment to come see my furniture in person! Happy Weekend! -Jo