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Exploring Flowers at the Farmers' Market

Sometimes I wonder if I could just create a blog about flowers. I was at a farmer's market on a recent trip to Oxford, Ohio, and although there were loads of wonderful produce, artisan breads, and homemade goods, all I could see were the flowers.  Wild and colorful, all the flowers I photographed gave me great color inspiration, and reminded me how I need to make a point to have fresh flowers in the house every week.  It's amazing what a simple bouquet of poppies [like the ones below] can do to brighten your space and your mood!

I almost exclusively place my flowers in various sized mason jars, partly for the rustic aesthetic, but mostly because I don't have many vases, and mason jars just look SO GOOD.

This jaw dropping bouquet was made of wildflowers, peonies, daisies and more.  I typically arrange flowers with like colors or shapes, but this has such an organic quality that I need to try out more!

The name of this specific flower is completely alluding me, but I love love LOVE the colors of purple and pink and bits of red and white tucked in.  

My mind was blown when I saw these mugs filled with adorable succulents! It's such a simple commonplace vessel that I'd never think to use for this purpose, yet it works so well! 

What I liked about this selection of perennials was the varied textures and shapes of the greenery surrounding the flowers.  These would make any garden so effortlessly lovely. I could talk all day about the beauty of these farmer's market flowers, but the photos speak for themselves. Make sure to go out and buy yourself [or your significant other!] a simple bouquet. It will change your everyday life for the better, trust me!