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Photo Tour: Craftland in Providence, RI

I've been spending a good chunk of my summer up in New England, my second home [well, third if you count New York separately- it is part of the tri-state area and is probably considered the mid Atlantic...I'm not good with maps...]. One day, I spent a few hours wandering around Providence, snapping photos of this pretty little city.  I stumbled upon Westminster Street, right in the heart of Downtown Providence, and found all kinds of cute shops, including this gem, CRAFTLAND


Okay, so the name is maybe not what I would have chosen, since every time I mention it, I imagine people assuming I'm one of those ladies who's SUPER into crafting and scrapbooking and...well I'm not. [or at least I wish I had the patience for it, because I actually do find it quite fun, but I think it's for the best I don't go down that rabbit hole...]

Craftland is not a Hobby Lobby, Michael's, or even Paper Source [yes, that store is 20-30something ladycrack, let's be real...]. Craftland is rather, the finished products of artists and crafty folk. [many pieces are made by local artists, or RISD students!] A lot of what's sold is paper based [posters, cards, prints, and other paper like items], but the collection of work is really quite something.


I've always been a big fan of silkscreen and lithograph prints, so this place felt just like home.  I usually collect band posters, but everything I found here harkened back to that same style. 


The colors and drawings in some of them were unbelievably unique and almost retro in style. In other news, still not sure why I didn't buy the Pepto Bismol Brontosaurus [sorry friends, but it seems that at some point everyone learned that Bronty never existed. I guess I'm just behind the curve with my dino knowledge]. I may need to start carving out the backs of my old 80s toys and turning them terrariums. [style trend 2015 anyone?!]

I could continue commenting on each and every piece I loved in this store, but I think the photos speak volumes.  So continue onto the Tour de Craftland, and if you're ever in Providence, do check them out! PS- HAPPY FRIDAY!! -Jo