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Arnold Palmer infused with lavender + mint

This time of year, I always have a big batch of lemonade in the fridge, along with an equally industrial sized jug of home brewed iced tea [this week it's black raspberry] because both come in handy for one of my go to summer drinks. The Arnold Palmer is a classic, perfect for hazy, lazy afternoons like this one. It's in the mid 90s here in Atlanta, a temperature that demands something chilled and refreshing. 

Named after an American golfer, the Arnold Palmer is a combination of lemonade and iced tea in its most basic form.  Taking two simple beverages and mixing them seems so obvious, and yet each time I make this, I feel like I'm concocting some sort of fancy cocktail. 


Speaking of cocktails, this combination mixes quite nicely with vodka or bourbon [I'm definitely partial to the bourbon, being in the south]. I happened to have some Jack Daniels Honey liqueur in the house, and it may just be my favorite mixer for this drink yet. 


Another way to make the Arnold even better is with fresh herbs.  I added some fresh mint and lavender to my mix, but basil, rosemary and thyme are other delicious additions. 


This is where you'll find me most of today, working from the cool comfort of my home, sipping on my endless supply of Arnold Palmers.