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So Harry Potter, Queen Elizabeth, and a Corgi walk into a bar... [Guess where I'm going this summer!]

So maybe I didn't do the best job masking where I'm headed, but I'm just a tad excited about going to LONDON!!! [yes, as I'm writing this, I'm doing my completely pathetic attempt at an English accent; it can't be helped!].  It was a fairly impromptu decision that came about a couple weeks ago, leaving me little time to freakishly plan like my modus operandi normally dictates. In fact, I'm shocked I haven't already started packing.  To be clear, I'm leaving in exactly one month, so packing would seem fairly ludicrous.  Perhaps I'll wait another week...

I'll start posting more of the details about my trip soon: where I'm staying [me and AirBnb are BFFs.], what I'll be up to [trying to meet Benedict Cumberbatch, but really], etc. When writing this post, I tried to find a photo of myself from the last time I was in London [I believe I was 10 and REALLY into Hanson, so it's been a while]. But alas, I can't figure out where those old photos are [yes, this was back when we used ACTUAL film].  So for now, just enjoy this round up of London/England inspired decor [I'm seriously contemplating the corgi pillow].

Happy Friday! -Jo