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Color, Pattern, Texture: Scarves

Sometimes you just need to take a bunch of scarves out into a field and photograph them. [maybe need is a strong word...] I had actually brought a collection of scarves on a furniture photo shoot as potential styling props.  While my friend shot my farmhouse dresser, I decided to snap some photos of the scarves. 

I casually threw the scarves along the tall grass, which created a natural draped effect. It made for a unique way to photograph the fabric and focus on the textures and the way the material flowed. 

As I sorted through the photos, I loved being able to see the patterns and textures up close.  It reminds me how effortlessly beautiful they can be. Here are a few of my summer favorites up close:

Natural linen is classic and timeless. It's open weave has such a lovely texture, especially after its been worn and washed many times. 

This light blue scarf is also linen, just in a tighter weave, but equally soft and effortless. 


The fabric feels so light as it billows along the grass.  The color and texture just feels like a day at the beach.


Colorful plaids are another pattern that speaks so closely to summer. I love the look of button down plaid shirts. They just feel so casual and inviting.

This is a really fun scarf: the purples and pinks and oranges are playful [along with the little pom poms along the edges!]. 

Gingham is another quintessential summer pattern. More uniform in pattern than plaid, gingham is usually found in red and blues and always reminds me of picnic blankets. 


Seeing these photos makes me want to lay in this field among all the linen and grass, sipping on lemonade while watching the sun set.  Doesn't that just sound like the perfect summer afternoon?