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Ad Hoc Recipe: Summer Fruit White Wine Sangria

My most favorite recipes are the ones that are made ad hoc [definition: fashioned from whatever is immediately available]. I find these sorts of recipes impressive and creative.  It's not  the easiest thing to pull together random ingredients and transform them into a delicious meal. This recipe, on the other hand, couldn't be simpler. I'm fairly confident anyone could make white wine sangria delicious!

Summer days require refreshing, cool beverages, and white wine sangria couldn't be more perfect. This recipe came about using the fruits I had available at the moment, along with the white wine I had on hand, nothing fancy or specific. 

My must have ingredient in any sangria I make is cinnamon.  I love to just throw a few sticks of cinnamon into the pitcher [they also make perfect stirrers!].  They imbue just the right amount of spice and warmth.  

Peaches are another must have for white wine sangria during the summertime.  The local peaches are unbelievably sweet and satisfying. The little bites in the sangria are the best part! I also had a nectarine and plum, both make the perfect additions to this recipe.

Raspberries are another love of mine, and wine makes these tart berries even more delectable.  Other than some club soda, that's all there is to the recipe! I'll lay it out here so it feels more official, but really and truly, this recipe doesn't take much but wine and fruit. You can't go wrong!

Summer Fruit White Wine Sangria

  • 2 bottles of white wine [any will do!]
  • 1-2 cups club soda [I just eyeball it, so use this to your liking!]
  • 2-3 sticks cinnamon
  • 3 cups of fresh fruit, diced [unless you're using berries, then just rinse them!]

Combine all ingredients in a large pitcher and stir.  And done! [though the longer it sits, the better it gets].