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Neutrals in a colorful room: gray coffee table

The key to any well styled room is balance. Balance can be found in the mixture of hard and soft surfaces, the arrangement of furniture in a space, and in the colors used in the decor. Having balance just makes a room feel comfortable and composed.  That's exactly what I was going for in my cozy family room.

The colors in this space were chosen based on a kilim inspired rug with lots of bold, primary hues.  It immediately makes the room feel warm, but it's a lot of pattern in a small space. I've tried different coffee table and ottoman options in here, but this particular table seems to do the trick.


A while back I painted this traditional style coffee table in a french gray. It's a very simple piece with cabriolet legs and slightly curved edges. I brought out a bit more interest with some strategic distressing along the edges, just to give it a bit more depth.

I also tinted the paint using a dark wax, which helped bring out the aged look I was going for.

Since there are so many other colors and textures in this room, the light gray neutral helps to ground the space and allows the beautiful rug to become the showstopper.  It also helps my colorful accessories pop [love my xylophone!]. Because this coffee table is on the slim side, it helps bring the four chairs in this room close together and make it an intimate place to gather.

Since I'm always changing things up, of course I have this one for sale on Craigslist and in my shop, but for now it's the key neutral piece in an otherwise colorful room!