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Fine Art + Annie Sloan = Color Inspiration

Anytime I go to a museum, I endlessly snap photos [when permitted!], since they provide a wealth of color inspiration. I can immediately see which tones work well with others, and what sort of mood certain colors create. This painting, done by American artist William Edouard Scott really spoke to me with respect to color. [learn more about the artist and painting here]

I fell in love with the moody teal blue of the sky and how it stood up against the myriad of grays and just the right touch of yellow. I immediately wanted to create a room that had all these colors. 'Rainy Night' circa 1912, sets such a quiet mood, and has so much depth.  I imagine a beautiful den or library with these colors.  That's what I truly love about fine art; each piece gives you a perfect color palette every time!  Here's my breakdown of this piece using Annie Sloan's chalk paint colors. I tend to custom mix my own colors, but these are the hues I would use as my jumping off point.

In other news, it appears that Atlanta will resemble this painting for a few more days [we've had a few rainy nights in a row], but that doesn't mean it won't be a fantastic weekend! Happy Friday! -Jo