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Photo Series: Peonies and Pink Sunsets

Whenever I'm having a particularly stressful day, I find it soothing to sort through my old photos. It's always comforting to come across pictures of family and friends [though let's be real; the majority of my photos are of my cats and dogs!]. I also love finding photos of moments I'd forgotten about and beautiful things I'd randomly chosen to photograph.  Yesterday I found two sets I was particularly fond of. I loved this series of photos taken of peonies [one of my most favorite flowers!] that I had styled in my bathroom. I also discovered a few photos taken on The Beltline a couple years ago. The focus was on the beautiful pink sunset, but the photos made me realize that just two years ago, this now bustling thoroughfare of Atlanta life was just a rugged dirt path!  I felt the two series of photos juxtaposed well against each other, both having a soft evening glow of twilight pink. I'm always intrigued by what photos will pique my interest, and I love sharing that piece of me with you!