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Black and White: Mid Century Modern Coffee Tables

Most people [myself included] see painting mid century furniture as a crime against design.  And it is, in almost every context, with the exception of the dreaded, awful, no good, very bad LAMINATE. Oh laminate; the tacky looking plastic-y veneer that attempts to resemble wood, but with dreadful results. I feel zero remorse for covering it up with paint, and that's exactly what I did with these two mid century coffee tables!

I went with black and white partly because I wanted to keep things simple and classic, and you really can't go wrong with either! 

I decided on white [specifically Annie Sloan's Old White] for the round table because I was inspired by other mid century modern pieces I've come across recently [like this piece from All Modern]. The legs are stained a dark brown, so I thought the contrast would fit nicely.

Small, round tables like these are perfect because they're so versatile.  They're great for an intimate seating arrangement in a smaller space. Or, they can work just as nicely with a large sectional sofa.

I styled it here with a pair of West Elm slipper chairs and a couple of my favorite wooden objects.

Sometimes styling needs to be kept minimal and this is certainly a case where 'less is more.'

I went with a sleek black [Amy Howard's Black] for the long surfboard style coffee table. The laminate was in worse shape than the round table, so I thought black would do a better job of masking any imperfections.

This type of coffee table, though quite long [60"] is also rather versatile because it's so slim in design.  It works well with my two slipper chairs, but could be a great grounding piece to go along with a full length sofa and two armchairs. 


Again, styling was kept to a minimum, with the addition of my Jonathan Adler baboon sculpture [isn't he handsome?]. I thought the white would be a nice contrast against the dark tabletop. 

Both tables had laminate tops, but solid wood legs, which would have been just boring painted.  The longer table's base took a bit more refinishing, but it was definitely worth salvaging the original wood and walnut tones. 

Both tables would work well in any living space, and would even look great placed in the same room together! I'm about to post them on Craigslist and in my shop, so keep an eye out for them!