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Testing Colors: Annie Sloan's Country Gray

This week I tested out a new color [to me] from Annie Sloan's chalk paint line.  According to the paint shop I go to, Chalk It Up, this is their most popular and versatile color.  A good enough recommendation, I'd say, so I picked up a can and waited for the right project to come along.


When I came across this cabinet, it was a moment of dejavu for me, since just a couple weeks ago, I purchased the exact same piece from a client! [see the post I did on it here


I loved it before because it was so slim and had great lines, and the second time around, I loved it just the same! I find this piece does well in neutral tones, because it's the type of piece you could throw into any room and it can work both aesthetically and from a practical standpoint.

I decided to keep the interior of the cabinet spaces in the original wood tone, because it was in really good shape and provided a nice contrast against the taupe-gray color.

My styling props were pretty basic: a few mason jars [of course], some books, a bowl of apples [why not?], and a wooden bowl.

I also love to add a bit of greenery whenever I can, so I pulled a branch from a bush outside [couldn't tell you what plant it is unfortunately!] just to add a touch of nature to things.


This particular color went on extremely smooth and covered really well.  One coat covered nearly everything, with the exception of a few spots that needed touch ups. I did some light distressing along the edges, and finely sanded it until it felt smooth to the touch.  


Check out my latest piece on Craigslist or in my shop!  Now it's time for me to head up north to a wedding.  Looking forward to lots of good friends, food and dancing! Happy Friday :) -Jo