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Keeping things Classic: Annie Sloan's Old White

There's no simpler way to say it; I've been on a painting RAMPAGE [violent, yes!] because I'm leaving town for two weeks and need to stay well stocked while I'm away.  I like getting adventurous with color, but in moments like this I need to be practical, and a tried and true color that never fails to do well is a classic: Annie Sloan's Old White.

Old White instantly transforms everything it touches: a tacky brass lamp, dated chairs, or in this case, a sturdy, sizable dresser. 

Old white also likes to be distressed. Certain colors lend themselves to a good bit of sanding and 'tough love', particularly when working with a dark wood piece and light paint. 

Styling was kept to a bare minimum, partly for time's sake, but mostly because this dresser really didn't need anything to doll it up.  The details of it stand out all on their own.

This piece has six drawers [and one cubby with a door!] each with different styles and hardware accents. 

I simplified them with white paint and distressing to bring out the intricate patterns of the hardware.  I've really grown to love this technique, since it takes any old, dated hardware and brings it to life. 

This dresser has a lot going on, but that's what I love about it. The dental moulding was a bit of a bear to paint, but well worth it. When it was in its original dark stain, I hardly noticed all the architectural details, but now they're quite prominent and beautiful.

Distressing furniture really isn't very difficult, but it does require a bit of an eye for design.  My mom likes to help me with some of my pieces, and I always remind her to take a step back and review her work before continuing on to the next drawer front or section of a piece.  

It's important to look at a piece of furniture as a whole, while also focusing on the details and distressing highlights. 

I always appreciate when furniture still has its original makers mark [not a bad whiskey either!] still on it.  This piece is made by Kincaid Solid Wood Furniture, based out of North Carolina.  Not sure what year this particular dresser is from, but it's certainly a solid, well built piece of furniture.

I love this piece because its color and size can work in a variety of rooms and in a number of applications.  Long dressers are great dining room sideboards, or changing tables for babies, but this piece would surely do well in any bedroom. Check it out on Craigslist or in my shop!