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Neutral Nightstands

Another day, another furniture post! It appears to be nightstand season around here. I've just been so fortunate to find a great selection of pieces to paint, and there's nothing like a big trip to get me motivated to work! 

Today's post features a pair of nightstands I just finished yesterday. I used the new color to my paint rotation, Annie Sloan's Country Gray, since I'm trying to keep things light and neutral right now.

Country Gray is what I'd call 'greige' [who doesn't love a good word combo?!] since it is a shade of gray, but has a very beige/taupe quality to it depending on the amount of natural light in a space. 


This pair of nightstands had some great naturally distressed qualities to it, so I didn't need to do much to give it interest and depth.

I quickly photographed this pair in the morning light of my living room, because I love how the light plays up against the color and the bronze hardware. 

My go to styling book, an old edition of Catcher in the Rye, always likes to make an appearance; this time with a vintage key. [what does unlock? Wouldn't you like to know...]

No surprise here, Watson and Jake decided to do a bit of furniture modeling during my photo shoot [never a dull moment in this house with these guys!].  

These nightstands are a great size that can be hard to come by, so I imagine they'll go fast! I'm about to post them on Craigslist in and in my shop so check back shortly!