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Crossing the Pond: Landed in London!

After a brief hiatus [okay, so maybe I just took Friday off, but it feels far longer!], I've finally landed myself across the pond in London! Today went as follows:

  • 3am wake up call to head to the airport [4 hours of sleep? ouch!]
  • a rather bumpy, yet spacious 7+ hour flight [just my mom and I in a four seater row, so we both got to stretch our legs, such a treat!]
  • Semi-watched several movies in flight, but because of the aforementioned turbulence, only really paid attention to one [The Wolf of Wall Street; definitely a little too graphic, but I really enjoyed it; can't go wrong with Scorcese!]
  • a tumultuous [we arrived right in the thick of a rain soaked carnival; nothing like a bit of mayhem to start off a vacation!], yet quite reasonable [less than half what a normal cab here would cost!] Uber cab ride to our flat

Previous dilemmas aside, we are now settled and quite comfy in our Notting Hill flat.  My mom picked us up some Middle Eastern take away [chicken and lamb kebabs, yum!] and we relaxed with our feet up while watching nothing other than Notting Hill [yes, we are staying in Notting Hill and I brought the DVD of none other than Notting Hill. I'm normal, I swear!].  It's now nearly 1:00am here, so this post is quite late for my usual fare, but naturally I'm jet lagged and having a hard time doing anything else but sitting with my laptop, typing away.  Tomorrow, I'll share some photos of our cozy flat, and begin taking you through our days spent wandering around this beautiful city!

Here's my collection of photos from today. There are a few more on my DSLR, but obtaining those would require more effort than I'm willing to commit to as I sink further and further into this sofa. I hope you enjoy going through my quiet little adventures over the next couple weeks! -Jo

The biggest [and probably the only] perk of arriving at the airport at 4:15am: a front row view to a breathtaking sunrise over the New York City skyline!

As the sun slowly reached beyond the skyscrapers, everyone else around me began to take notice too.

No filter on this one: just a blazing sun over the impossibly tall One World Trade Center [and artfully framed by the actual window frame!]

A simple takeaway dinner of lamb kebabs and pita for me [chicken for my mom, or mum as I should now call her] with garlic yogurt sauce, red cabbage and onions. I could have easily had two or three servings...]

And finally, Notting Hill while in Notting Hill! [MIND. BLOWN.] Naturally, I  imagine I'm going to reenact the film's plot line while I'm here, though I'm not sure I exactly fit the role of insanely famous American movie star or slightly dorky Travel Bookstore owner, hmm...