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Landed in London: Meet My Flat

Good morning! I made it through my first night in London without too much trouble. I was sleepless until about 3am, and leisurely woke up around 10 [which would be 5am back at home, so not too bad!]. I'm now headed off to forage for food, or rather, do some grocery shopping, since I do plan to do a fair bit of cooking on this trip. I've scoped out a few possible lunch spots [there's Lebanese, Malaysian, and Brazilian to name a few!], so we'll see what we decide to stumble upon. In the meantime, I thought I'd share some of the AirBnb photos of the flat we're staying in. It's definitely cozy, but quite modern and has all the necessities.  It's just around the corner from the tube station, and like I mentioned, there are endless food options within a stone's throw of the flat.  It's still early in our trip, but I imagine this will make for a perfect home base while we're here. 

Having a TV as big as mine at home is a nice perk! Although not having Netflix may send me into a state of withdrawal, stay tuned... I also was hoping to play a bit of chess while here, but the chess pieces [shown in this photo] are nowhere to be found! [minus one star on my review there]

It has a tiny kitchen, but with a gas range and dishwasher, I can't complain at all! 

The bathroom looks larger in the photos than it is in person, but the shower is a good size, but the water pressure isn't it's fines

There's a rather large tub in our bathroom, though I'm likely not to use it!

Some decorative vases and ceramics for my viewing pleasure...

The main living area is small, but it's exactly right for two people and is exceptionally efficient!