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Navy Nightstands: Using multiple distressing techniques

Hot off the presses! I just completed my latest pair of nightstands yesterday, and I've fallen for another shade of blue! This time, I'm using Annie Sloan's Napoleonic Blue, along with several distressing techniques in order to achieve the color and style I wanted.

These started out as many of my pieces do; solid wood, lots of scratches and finish issues [I hate hate hate goopy, glossy polyurethane, it's the worst!]. No matter their issues, these nightstands have beautiful lines and were ready for a change.

And change they did! I took extra time and care with this set, partly because the woman I purchased them from had quite the affinity for them and didn't want to part with the set, so I wanted to make sure I did them justice.

They're made by Drexel and are cherry wood, so these are good quality pieces of furniture for sure.

As I started painting, I realized my nails matched the nightstands perfectly. Clearly I love the color blue, so I suppose this isn't all that big a coincidence!

After two coats of chalk paint, I sanded the entire piece with fine grit sandpaper, and a coarser grit along the edges for a bit of distressing. I actually LOVE how this blue looks once it's been sanded! If only I could just leave them this way. I still haven't figured out how to achieve that look permanently, but I've got some experimenting to do.

I proceeded to do my typical clear wax regimen, but decided to add some bits of dark wax as well to deepen the blue to more of a navy. Then, quickly before the wax dried, I dusted the surface with Amy Howard's Dust of Ages.

Next, I get a serious arm workout with a good buffing, which leaves just the right amount of 'dust' in the crevices and details of the furniture. It softens things just enough to give it a patina and warm, worn feel. 

I love the overall finished product so much! The original door pulls and hinges work beautifully with the navy color and distressing techniques I used. 


I styled the blue with greens and golds and creams, which is such a vibrant, yet calming color palette.


I left the pull out as it was in a black finish, which I think blends right in with the dark navy.


Just in case you're wondering, my little vintage dictionary is turned to the 'navy' page.  Just for good measure.  I can never get enough of my little golden shoe, but this time my magnolia leaves are quite the standout!

I kept the inside of the nightstands their original finish, since it's in excellent shape and provides a nice contrast to the painted exterior.

And of course, Jake had to make an appearance modeling alongside the nightstand, because he just can't help himself.  But he I both agree these would make a fantastic addition to any bedroom!  I'll post them for sale sometime in the next 24 hours in my shop and on Craigslist, so stay tuned!