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Colors and Textures of Portobello Road

This weekend, I finally experienced the beauty [and mayhem!] of the famed Portobello Road Market. Though we arrived early, the crowds showed up quickly and in full force, making any real shopping quite a challenge. Although I didn't go home with anything [I found the prices a bit too hard to swallow!], I did come home with a plethora of photos from the day and a great study on color and design. For me, that's worth more than anything else I could have taken home from the market. Here are some of my favorite colors and textures from the day!

Chair, turned into a stool by removing the back.  Crazy or genius? Either way, I loved this granny smith green! 

This was just a standard table used for displaying antiques, but I loved the worn robin's egg blue and would have bought it if given the chance!

Check out those knockers! [but really!] I still think I should have went with that fox on the right...

I would have killed to have this beautiful beaded throw! [If I didn't think my cats would rip it to shreds!]

Usually I see these African headdresses [also known as a juju hat] in bold, bright colors, so this neutral one was so striking to me!

I may need a couple pairs of these for sparring matches sometime...

So many printing blocks in really intricate patterns!

An army green card catalog I can't fit in my suitcase [sigh...]

Gorgeous flowers!


I could put a pretty decent dent into that vat of fresh mozzarella and tomatoes.  But really.

The beginnings of paella.  How do I get one of these pans into my kitchen?

Craziest chips I've ever seen. 

If I lived in London, I'd come here at least once a month just to soak it all in [but only in the very early hours pre 11am!].  After battling our way out of the crowd, we ended up back at our flat and my aunt served up a huge lunch spread of takeaway from the Ghana food tent [amazing!]. What a day!