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Art at the V&A: Indian Marble and Wood Screens

My time in London went by so quickly, so my usual love for visiting museums had to be kept to a minimum. I only managed to spend time in one, the Victoria and Albert Museum, which upon further research, I discovered is actually the world's largest museum of decorative arts and design.  No wonder I barely scratched its surface while I was there!

One of the more memorable exhibits for me was a huge display of screens made of both marble and wood from the Agra region of India.  These carvings were entirely done by hand, and when viewed in person, their intricacy and delicate nature is really quite striking. The first photo I posted is my favorite piece.  It's made of marble, and the carvings are so fragile, and light passes through the stone, allowing the patterns to glisten like the stars they were designed after!  Seeing each of these screens inspires me to create beautiful graphic designs, whether on paper on on the computer.  I'd love to incorporate some of this style into the work I do, though the idea of it seems like quite a challenge!