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I see the world in Greens and Blues

It's true.  I've always had an affinity for that side of the color wheel.  My bedding has always been blue [except for that brief period where it was purple, but every little girl HAS to love purple at some point], the majority of my clothes are in shades of green and blue, and as I've renovated my home and still continue to paint and decorate, I can't help but see this recurring pattern. As I continue to sort through my photos from London, it's almost as if my camera was solely drawn to these shades. Surely I have some photos that depict warmer tones, but the proof is in my green and blue photos [and almost entirely old, worn and rusty things, but that's another revelation in the making...]

I've never said no to a rusty metal box, especially one in green! 

Walking in the east end, this was a wall placed up to hide a construction site.  I found this shade of blue so striking [similar to Annie Sloan's Greek Blue] and would have ripped this wood board down if I could, so I could squeeze it into my suitcase and take it home as art. 

Another metal box, but this time in a lovely shade of sea foam green.

I definitely regret not buying at least a couple of these letters.  The blue reminded me of a box from Tiffany's, so feminine, and yet just as grimy and rusty [just the way I like it!].

Just an old wooden barrel, yes, but when this bright turquoise is introduced to it, I immediately want to make it a focal point in my design.  Put a top on it, and it's a perfect side table!

Just below Big Ben stood this copper edifice. Though I didn't quite understand its purpose, the way the copper had patina'd to become this beautiful green [so much like the Statue of Liberty!] I was in love. I'd clad my house in old copper like this if I could.