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One Nightstand, Three Ways

So it has to be said, I got the name for this post from one of my favorite DIY design blogs, Young House Love.  More specifically, it's from this book, which also happens to be one of my favorites and go to's for inspiration.  Now you may not have immediately taken note of the perfectly perverse nature of the title of this post, but now that I've drawn attention to it, I bet you get it now! :) Okay, back to why I'm here: my new nightstand! I just finished this piece last night; another late night sanding and distressing party [less of your heavy drinking booze and dancing, more of your drinking tea and listening to Hozier kind of affair]. I wanted to quickly style and shoot this baby, but had a bit of styling writers block this morning.  Here are my three options:

First try was a set of pool balls. Who doesn't love a good set of pool balls? [easy, tiger] Though I love their colors and the retro vibe they bring to the table, they don't add any height to the nightstand, which I felt was necessary.  So onto the next...

Next up was a pair of brown glass vases [or jugs, If I'm keeping with the mildly inappropriate tone of this post]. Now I had some height in the mix, which helped connect things to my art piece behind [my current lens is a pancake, since my other one is presently out of commission, so it doesn't like to photograph entire walls so easily...]. Though I love the reflective qualities of glass, the colors were bleh to me.  I wanted something with a bit of brightness...

...Which brings me to my book + glass duo.  I love using books in any styling I do, partly because it makes me appear very well read [though I seem to always use a dictionary in my photos...not sure what that implies...] but mostly because they have great texture and the older the book, the better! I kept glass in the mix, but grabbed my bright green water bottle, since I was itching for some color. So my choice was made! Here are the rest of the photos of this lovely little nightstand:

This piece is a classic Dixie nightstand, but its finish was in really bad shape.  I loved the original cream color, so I decided to do some extra distressing on this one, which helps remind me of what was once there.

The pulls are really lovely, and tie in perfectly with the cream accents. The color was a combination of Napoleonic Blue, Graphite, and the dregs of some other can of paint I cannot recall.  Since they are all Annie Sloan colors, I really can't go wrong with mixing.

So this baby is ready to find a bed to reside next to, so that they can become fast friends, share secrets, have slumber parties, etc. etc. I'll be posting her on Craigslist and in my shop shortly, so keep an eye out!