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Bottles and Brush: Using Filters to Subtly Change A Mood

I was going through photos I'd taken of my good friend's home, and started playing around with filters to see how they would alter the mood of the photos. For most of my photographs, I use Photoshop actions from one of my favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess.  In the same way Instagram transforms a simple phone photo into something creative and one of a kind, Photoshop actions take a DSLR photo and help bring it to life and convey an emotion. That being said, I still think a well taken photograph without any filters is ideal.  I love being able to capture a mood using nothing else but a camera and my intuition of space and light. But here are two of my favorite actions, Jean and Lux, from ABM's Signature Collection.  Both of them soften photos, only Jean brightens colors in a unique way, while Lux creates a warm, glowing haze that I love. I also included my photos that were filter-free, just to give you an idea of how they vary. Which photos do you like best?

'Jean', above

'Lux', above

No Filter, above

Notice how 'Jean' creates this soft, warmth with a bit of energy. The warm tones in the photo; the wood crate, the reds and yellows in the wool blanket, all come through beautifully.

Here with 'Lux', the colors are slightly muted, and the haze creates a calmer, more zen-like feel. 

Without any filter, the foreground of the crate of bottles is sharp and in focus. I actually think this photo feels great without any filters! Here are the rest of the photos from this series, all with the same order of filters [Jean, Lux, and No Filter].