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Instagram Tour: East End London Food

Remember when I did that food tour of the East End of London? No, because you should have been right there along side me!  It was fantastic! By far, my favorite part of the trip; met some great people, saw all kinds of street art and architecture, and ate a bit [okay, a BIG bit] of food.  I could regale you with my overly voracious foodie vocabulary...or I can just let you look at the photos and start mentally planning your next trip to London.  I think I'll go with the latter!

First, a bacon butty [it means sandwich, kids] from St. John Bread & Wine.  Homemade apple ketchup [sounds odd, but definitely made the meal!]. The chef of this restaurant is well lauded in London [even Anthony Bourdain approves!], and I know I'll be returning to one of his spots on my next trip!

Bread and Butter Pudding [exactly what you imagine it to be!] at The English Restaurant [yes, that's its name].  

I fell in love with this spot immediately and vowed to return for a Pimm's [and I did!]

English Cheddar and Stilton tasting at Androuet in Spitalfields. This amazing purveyor of cheese can only be found in Paris [originally] and London, and I've been to both spots.  A cheese lover's dream!

Finally had fish and chips with mushy peas [I actually ADORE mushy peas!] from Poppies of Spitalfields, which just won the National Fish and Chips awards for 2014 [because of course this competition exists...].

Took a break from all the food at a proper pub, The Pride of Spitalfields [I'll talk about this place more in a future post!], where we tasted a couple ales and a cider, all quite delicious [even at 11:30am!]

Although, I think I find anything delicious when it comes in a shot glass...[shh...]

Finally, what I'd been waiting for! We tasted three different curries at Aladin's, my favorite of which being the Lamb curry [pictured] but the spicy chicken and the vegetarian were equally divine.

This place.  These bagels.  I had a bit of a moment when I first tasted it.  The salt beef that went along with it was great too, but OH the bagel.  I'm from New York, so I don't give my opinions about bagels lightly. In fact, I judge harshly any bagel that doesn't dare come from NYC.  This was quite possibly the BEST ONE I'd ever tasted. Done. 

The woman [pictured above] was shelling out these sandwiches like a BOSS. I've never seen a lady move quite so swiftly with knife, beef and bagel in tow. 

Ending on a sweet note we tasted Pizza East's [another spot I made a point to return to- definitely my kind of place in more ways than one!] chocolate salted caramel tart along with a pot of tea. Best. Day. Ever.

If you're ever in London, I can't recommend this tour enough.  It was about three hours long, and well worth every penny for so many reasons, far beyond the delectable foods we were privy to. Check out their site here.  I may very well plan my next trip to Europe solely on these tours!