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London's East End Street Art: Color

Oh, hello there. I'm Jo and I'll be your tour guide through the East End's exploding street art scene! [As you can see, my incredibly casual pose tells you I'm exceptionally knowledgable about all things street art...okay, maybe I just saw that one documentary, but that's besides the point...]. I spent my first days in London completely immersing myself in the East End.  That part of London reminded me so much of New York, [yes, there are LOTS of hipsters...] and so much art and color and music and everything I love. I discovered most of these wonderful pieces of street art while on the foodie tour I took, but really, you could turn any corner and discover an entirely new street art scene. I rounded up some great examples, all of which are on the colorful side. I have SO many photos, so I'm saving my black and white street art for another post!

We all look so intense taking photos of street art!

Absolutely loved the colors in this piece. Just amazing.

The mecca for street art in the East End includes work by Banksy, Space Invader and Shepard Fairey, among others.

Invader makes another sly appearance.

So. Much. Color

The font-obsessed lady in me can't get enough of this!

Quite the curious native out on the prowl.

If you have any even remote interest in street art, this place is fantastic for wandering around and discovering different sights, sounds and culture of this ever growing movement. I may make one last appearance here today!