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Custom Painted Frames at A Simpler Design

I'm always so busy painting furniture these days, it's actually quite refreshing to paint something on a smaller scale for a change.  Last month, I completed two more sets of frames for my friends' wedding gifts, and they're quickly becoming one of my favorite projects! I just love being able to take old, worn frames that don't necessarily match and transform them into a cohesive set, made even more interesting with sanding, distressing and waxing. As of right now, I've only matted and framed art prints that my aunt has done [she's an amazing artist!], but I've decided to start offering up custom painted frames for any prints!

I'm hoping to have this section of my site launched by next week, but the plan is to offer photo printing [your own personal photos, or photos I've taken] along with matting and framing the photos according to your specific size, color and style requirements.  For now, I'd likely only offer standard sizes, 5x7, 8x10 and 11x14, but I still think that will give a nice selection for you to choose from!  So stay tuned for this next venture of mine!  But, if you're eager to get your frame painting on yourself, I have a few classes coming up over at Kudzu Antiques where you'll get to learn all my painting tips and tricks, along with getting to paint and take home your own custom frame. I'd love to see you there! Happy Weekend :) -Jo