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Painting Triangles: Acrylic on Canvas

This weekend, my good friend and I decided to spend a few hours playing around with acrylic paint and canvas. She was inspired by graphic art she had seen using patterns of triangles, so we decided to both take this under our own interpretation. For me painting is cathartic; I can transport myself to a different place, where all that I fixate on is the canvas, the colors, and the music that inspires me. 

When tackling any project, I like starting off with certain constraints. This time, I decided to only use the colors blue and green [and white to blend and add dimension]. I'd love to repeat this same design again using varying colors, or possibly a piece with just warm tones. But for this particular project, I was inspired by looking at the reflections in water.  I've always found reflections fascinating.  I wanted each triangle to feel like its own independent reflection. No two blues or greens are identical: I made sure to create each triangle individually with its own mix of paint.  So for me, each triangle tells its own story and displays its own unique reflection. 

The process we took to create this was fairly simple, yet time consuming in its own right. I first sprayed the canvas with a turquoise spray paint I had on hand. Sometimes, I like having white as a base color, but since this was a world of water, I wanted to continue that in every sense. We then each taped our own designs onto the canvas.  For mine, I didn't have a specific strategy in mind, yet I was very methodical with how I chose to divide up the canvas and the size and angles of each triangle. Forming the graphic pattern of triangles certainly took some time, but was well worth it. 

I was equally methodical about my color placement.  I wanted it to feel fragmented and random, so I made sure to avoid putting too many similar colors side by side.  After painting each triangle [again creating a custom color for every single one!] I then went back and added some depth and dimension to each, which was what really drove through their reflective qualities.

Painting this was purely experimental; I'm a perfectionist by trade, so nothing ever truly feels complete to me, but I was happy with the way it turned out.  There's something very orderly about it, despite the triangles going in every which direction. It also manages to be completely soothing and calming, a quality I continually find in water and its reflections. 

I absolutely love the way my friend's piece turned out as well! Her's is quite different from mine; we used different techniques for applying paint and creating a pattern on our canvas.  She used a few more additional colors than I did, which creates a completely different effect.

Many of her triangles are also completely individualized and have great texture and color variations. Continue to scroll down and see more close up photos of our pieces.  I could easily see our 'painting party' becoming a recurring activity!