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For the Love of Gallery Walls

Man, do I love a good gallery wall.  An art hoarder like myself just can't help it.  There's definitely an art to composing a proper gallery wall. My good friend did an amazing job putting together her space!

I photographed it a while back, and immediately fell in love with all the bold colors, the varied sizes, and the combination of personal family photos and art. 

I might have snuck in the latest edition to my blanket obsession, a vintage wool blanket that just happened to have hits of red and mustard, which blended quite seamlessly with her taller wall. 

I shot this space in the middle of the day, and since the sun was sitting just overhead, it wasn't very well lit. But the bright pops of color throughout the space completely made up for it! [plus the right filters can make even the darkest room feel sun soaked, just look at the photo below!]

Wouldn't you want to hang out here, sipping some delicious lime water while admiring this lovely gallery wall? I sure would.