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Vintage Slipper Chairs for any Space

More often than not, I'm always very space conscious.  Whether I'm helping a friend decorate their apartment, or I'm trying to rearrange the furniture in the different spaces of my house, maximizing space is always top priority. There are a few pieces of furniture that make designing a space foolproof, and are always great investment pieces. Usually, it's because these pieces can function in a variety of ways, but in this case, it's because they're just fantastic space savers. What magical piece of furniture am I talking about? Why, the slipper chair of course! [well, it was in the title, after all...] 

I've had a few sets of slipper chairs over the years [for some reason, they seem to always work best in pairs!], but I recently came across this beautiful pair of vintage ones in a chartreuse velvet.  

I styled it recently as part of a vignette with my latest graphite dresser, and the tufted velvet photographed just beautifully.  It's a bright color, but oddly works in a variety of spaces, yet another reason why these slipper chairs are foolproof!

I pulled a few shots of rooms that I thought my new chairs could work beautifully in.  The space below already has pops of chartreuse in the art and greenery, and the chairs would look phenomenal against these walls!

Here's another room with hints of chartreuse throughout the space, and although this room already has a great pair of neutral slipper chairs, I think mine could easily be swapped in and would give the room that extra vintage touch.

I'd just love to have a big hallway where I could have a sitting area with a console, but sadly my house isn't quite big enough! However, this space is exceptionally elegant, and has an awesome pair of hot pink slipper chairs! But for a lot of people, pink just might not be in your repertoire of colors you'd use in your home, but chartreuse green would still be a great pop of color without being overly polarizing.

Finally, I'd love to see my pair of chairs at the foot of a bed! Just looking at this photo [a beautiful, rustic bedroom!] makes me want to lug those chairs up to my bedroom.  [I very well might be doing just that by the time this is posted!]  Since I have a couple more slipper chairs than I really need right now, I'm putting these up for sale in my shop and on Craigslist, but who knows, I may just have to keep them for myself after getting so inspired by all these photos!