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Sometimes Furniture is too pretty to paint: Cherry Wood Buffet

This weekend, on my usual Saturday morning furniture hunt, I struck cherry wood gold! I found this piece tucked in the middle of the sale, and almost missed it entirely. But once I spotted the great drawer pulls [there's something about that oval shape that just makes any piece look like a million bucks], I decided to take a closer look. [and I'm so glad I did!]

 I couldn't believe this wood buffet was in such great shape! The wood had hardly any scratches on it, and the warm tones and striking striations in the wood grain clearly showed this was a high quality piece of furniture.

I styled the buffet in my piano room, keeping it simple with a couple of my favorite big lamps that worked well with the buffet's large size.

To bring out the green in my walls, I added a few of my favorite green glass bottles. But if I was actually using this in a dining room, this would be the perfect spot to have serving dishes, or a gorgeous arrangement of flowers.

The sun just drenches this room in the early morning hours, illuminating anything I place in front of the windows.

This piece has ample storage space, and could easily hold everything you'd ever need in your dining space.

To further showcase its quality construction, I took a close up shot of a drawer, so you can see the dovetail drawers and solid wood construction throughout. This thing means business.

You really don't need much to dress up a timeless piece of furniture like this, but I can never say no to just a little bit of color.  I finally got to feature my Aztec [or could it be Mayan? Anyone know? Haven't been able to figure it out just yet...] stitched table runner.

The cherry wood is so beautiful, I can hardly stand it! I'm almost always hunting for furniture to paint, but there's just no way I could ever do that to this piece. I did some light refinishing on it, and used a bit of Feed and Wax on the surface to condition the wood.

Even Jake approves of this piece! It would be perfect in a dining room, or as a great entertainment center. It can even work as a changing table in a baby's room [just be sure to protect that top with a runner!]. It may end up sticking around my home, but we'll see if someone else sees the beauty of this piece too.  Check it out on Craigslist or in my shop!