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A Bit of the Bizarre: Antiques at Spitalfields

Yes, it's true: I'm back in Atlanta! You'd think it's been months since I've been home! The last few days have been a whirlwind of travel, jet lag, weddings, parties, interviews, and general mayhem. But the act of sitting at my table with an impossibly large cup of tea whilst typing away is so comforting. I'm finally getting a few moments to relax and it feels wonderful! I'm starting to sort through all my photos from the trip, and in my usual fashion, I went a bit overboard with the camera.  I promise my furniture and design posts will start making their way on here as I get back to my usual painting routine, but for now, here's another nod to London.

Back in my favorite quirky neighborhood, the East End, I went to the weekly antiques market at Spitalfields, which was filled with all kinds of treasures.  As I paged through my many photos, I noticed a trend leaning towards the playful and bizarre.  The market was filled with so many oddities, and some of the more unique details I missed until now! 

I mean, who doesn't love a monkey riding a carriage pulled by a horse? Standard.

Warning: if taxidermy freaks you out, leave now! [okay, so perhaps I've warned you a bit too late].  Ignore the baby heads and limbs too...

The art in this booth reminded me so much of old photos from freak shows of days past.  Disturbing, yet I can't help but look!

This booth has such a well curated collection.  It's too bad the booth's owner didn't want me taking photos! [whoops...]

I may be the only person who finds a stack of crumpled exam booklets tied together by twine to be so beautiful, but I do! [creepy death-like hand optional]

Chicks, dude. [and small deer skulls are only TEN POUNDS! Bargains abound!]

Every time I see puppets like these, I'm taken back to Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, the show of my childhood.  Then I realize, I was engrossed by a show about a grown man who talked to creepy puppets, like all the time.  Still love it!