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For the love of Crafts: Paper Wrapped Box

Sometimes I get in these moods where I just want to create.  In a way, I suppose the word 'create' is part of my everyday, as I reinvent a piece of furniture with paint, work on design projects, style, photograph said furniture and other various endeavors. But the kind of creating I'm talking about is of the crafty sort. I was never an intense crafter. I had friends whose passions involve scrapbooking and card making, and so I'd join in on the Paper Source-obsessed fun every so often. So you might say I dabble in the craft world. For a friend of mine who loves paper and all things Paper Source, I decided to make her something out of two of her favorite things: paper and boxes.  I also know the love of a good container.  I love to mask my hoarding with an excess of bins and baskets and boxes. I organize my chaos fairly well.  However, this box wasn't for hoarding. My plan is to slowly fill said box with some of my own personal recipes I'd like to share with her. We both cook, and are on a mission to cook healthier, so it seemed like a nice idea to share that with each other. Since she's already given me a cookbook compilling her favorite recipes, it's time I do the same! So I suppose this is a recipe box, though I imagine she can use it any way she'd like.  But I have to say, there's something so satisfying about taking a plain box and transforming it into something lovely with just a sheet of pretty, textural paper.