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Turning something new into old: Turquoise Dresser

Quick post on this lovely Friday! I'm writing this from one of my new favorite Atlanta spots, Krog Street Market [I'll write more about it some other time, but you can check it out here].  This is my first time writing from here, and I of course neglected to think about the power source availability.  [note to self: don't leave your laptop uncharged.  It never works in your favor].  But I have to say, this dresser doesn't need much description.  It's not a vintage piece like I usually prefer, but it's solidly built [and I mean SOLID, it's quite hefty]. The details on it were so beautiful, and I knew would paint up very nicely so I went for it. I've been working with a client who loves all things teal and turquoise, and since I've always been mildly obsessed with those colors anyway, I went with that color scheme for this dresser. I tried to make it feel older through some heavy distressing techniques and I think it worked! It's got a more feminine feel because of it's glass drawer pulls, but the shade of turquoise I created [using a combination of Annie Sloan's Florence, Old White and Paris Gray] is playful but just subdued enough to work in almost any space. That's all for now. Check out the dresser on Craigslist [into the shop soon enough!]. Here's to another weekend of great furniture finds!  Happy Friday :) -Jo