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Finding the proper coffee mug

I'm very particular about my coffee and when I consume it.  I don't absolutely need to drink it every morning. I won't whimper softly, crumpling into fetal position without a daily dose of it.  But I do enjoy a really good cup when the mood strikes me. If I'm going to go out of my way to make myself some, I want to make sure my experience is top notch.  I've always preferred buying whole beans and freshly grinding them each time [no fancy coffee grinders or anything like that, but this extra step does make a difference]. I'm a French Press person, though I imagine I'd probably switch to Chemex if someone was so kind as to buy me one! [my birthday is in less thank two months, just FYI...]  But the French Press gets the job done, and it makes the exact right amount of coffee I like.

But more important than the coffee itself is the mug it resides in. I'm not a dainty coffee drinker [I save that for tea]. I like my coffee in impossibly gigantic mugs that could easily hold ones maximum daily dose.  So when I found this mug at an antique store, I was immediately sold.  It was not only the perfect size, but I fell in love with the design and the poem written on it.  I quietly recite the poem while I sip my coffee sometimes.  It's quite catchy! Aside from one other mug, this is the only set I use for my coffee drinking experience. If I could bring this to every coffee shop I ever go to, I would.  I'd be that person who has her own coffee cup caddy that she totes around with her. I see this becoming a trend in the near future, just wait...