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Transforming my boring bedroom: Painting a Wall Design

I've been bored of my bedroom for months now.  Bedrooms tend to be the afterthought when it comes to design. I honestly don't spend much time in there other than to crash at the end of the night, so it's hard for me to justify putting much time or money into this space. But the more I do work for clients, whether it's designing the space or painting a piece for their bedroom, I'm realizing that I need to step up my own game.  


I'm starting things off with some simple transformations that involve spending NOTHING [the best kind of projects]. Since I have so much paint lying around, using it in a creative way is the easiest way to begin. Rather than paint the entire room in crazy colors, tempting as that may be, I opted to start off with some wall designs to bring a little modern flair into my room.

I began with the wall I face while in bed.  If I'm the one who gets to enjoy this room, I may as well look at the pretty designs I've painted [though I already have plans to get creative with the wall my bed is on anyway]. I love the framed print seen to the left of the window. The moon and stars in it faintly glow in the dark at night, which makes me happy. I wanted to bring attention to the print while also adding a contrasting color, so I opted for a burnt orange [color inspiration taken from the area rug beneath my bed]. 

I used a combination of Annie Sloan's Emperor's Silk and English Yellow to create the color, and within minutes, I went from having a somewhat 'blah' wall to one with a bold, modern feel. I haven't decided if I'm going to just leave the one orange shape, or if I'll go bolder and add different triangles in contrasting colors to the rest of this wall, but for now I'm enjoying this small, but impactful change in my bedroom!