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Bright Bohemian: Color, Pattern and Texture Inspiration

Although furniture is what I do most these days, I still love all things design, especially when it comes to designing for my friends. Even if it's just giving a few bits of advice about color choices, furniture placement or style decisions, I love seeing their spaces develop over time. I've been working with my good friend on her place since last year, and it's always exciting for me when she adds another piece to her space. I did this post on her color inspiration back in April, and we've kept true to the color choices all this time with just a few slight adjustments.

Since then, we've sourced a vintage sofa [in chartreuse velvet], a mid century desk, a storage trunk, new bedding, and throw pillows. Most recently, we picked out a gorgeous, bright area rug, with nods to a more traditional style and new curtains in a textural blue fabric. I won't reveal any photos until it's completed, but it's developing into such a warm, happy space. Since it's a carriage home with a studio layout, I like to think of it as her own bohemian jewel box.  She gravitates toward the bold patterns of suzani and ikat, and with the addition of some vintage touches, the space has become this beautiful amalgam of bohemian and vintage in a bright color palette.  Here's an updated inspiration board for the space, that includes colors, patterns and textures now found in the space. Next up: painting cabinets, furniture and walls!