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Good things come in small, turquoise packages: Demilune Table

It's true.  It's really hard to say no to a adorable demilune console table like this.  Except when we originally found this one, it was painted in several shades of not-so-pretty-in-pink and shellacked with a weird reddish glaze.  

Clearly, it was a DIY job gone horribly wrong.  But the piece was solid and the potential was there. Because of its shape and scale, this was clearly going to be an accent piece, and thus could be treated as such. 

I like painting smaller pieces in bright colors, because smaller means I can cart around this little guy wherever I please. Does it work as a table in my entry? Why yes! But am I in need of a nightstand in my guest bedroom? But of course. Could it hold a small lamp at the far end of a hallway? Sure it can.

The biggest perk of a demilune is its ability to work in even the smallest of spaces. [I read about the joys of demilunes in one of my favorite design books: Good Bones, Great Pieces.] When something is small and versatile, it also means you can get away with using it as a pop of color in any room its placed in. [and in this case that pop comes from a combination of Annie Sloan's Florence and Old White]. 

The other bonus of this particular one is it comes stocked with storage space. Usually, demilunes are more decorative than anything else, but this piece can actually be used as a practical storage solution.  I've listed it on Craigslist, and I'll be posting it to my shop, but I actually have this one in mind for a client of mine who I'm visiting today.  She loves all things turquoise, and though I still need to go and measure out her spaces, I think this demilune could very well find a cute spot somewhere in her home.