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Rediscovering Old Pieces: Smokey Gray Dresser

I've had this dresser for a while.  It was donated to me a couple years ago by a friend who was getting rid of it and we've been using it as storage in a closet ever since.  Though this particular dresser isn't perfect, it dawned on me that no matter where a piece of furniture is, it may as well look good and be something I'm proud of.  

So I opted to test out a new shade of gray I created, using Annie Sloan's Olive mixed with Graphite and a hint of Napoleonic Blue.  The result was a smokey gray, and under certain lights there's a hint of green to it [a la the Olive], but otherwise it has a warm charcoal tone that I like a lot.

I did my usual light distressing along the edges and drawers of the dresser.  This one had a couple nice scroll details at the top, which is definitely my favorite thing about this guy.  

Lately I've been trying out different techniques when it comes to applying wax. I'm currently using Amy Howard's brand of wax for a change, and although it's a much harder wax than I'm used to [I typically use Annie Sloan], I've been really liking the brushed on look [it creates nice striations in the finish]. For me, the less a piece looks like it was painted in a factory, the better.  It's nice to be able to see that someone worked on the furniture by hand and created this one of a kind piece just for you.

I think this would be just perfect in a boy's bedroom, stacked with vintage globes and little Hot Wheels cars on top [do kids still play with Hot Wheels? I hope so]. It's the perfect, sturdy piece that will withstand years of torture, and will only improve with age.  

For more specs on this particular dresser, check out its listing on Craigslist.  If I don't end up selling this guy, it will be moving with me to the studio, since its dimensions are just right for the closet of my work room.  But like I've said before, once I've painted a piece, I have a really hard time not putting it up for sale, because you never know who might be looking for something just like it!